Our company

Your local Gift Specialist in Antananarivo

TanaGift is a Malagasy company that offers to people living abroad to offer and deliver gifts to their relatives in Antananarivo. Our initiative was motivated by the observation that local farmers, craftsmen and producers find themselves weakened by globalization

Composed by a dynamic team of young Malagasy people united by the idea of wanting to make things happen, our action aims to promote the know-how of local producers and to make buyers and consumers aware of the stakes of a fairer trade.

By offering responsible, quality products at fair prices, our clients contribute to creating a significant social and environmental impact while pleasing their loved ones.

Our Ethical Charter

Our Vision

Our company offers an innovative and socially responsible organization that relies on ethical marketing and participates in sustainable economic development. 

Our mission statement

By offering an online gift store, we want to support the local economy while strengthening family or friendship ties between people separated by distance. Thus we will be a reliable intermediary between buyers, beneficiaries and our partners.

Our values

The values defined by business ethics play an important role in our corporate identity. We apply these values in the selection of the products and services we offer and in the way we view our employees. In order to establish a sustainable impact on social justice, we pay great attention to the processes of manufacturing, marketing, sales and also distribution of products. Our supply chain, respectful of our values, is more rewarding for all those involved in its construction. We would like to make the different actors of the chain (producers, buyers ...) aware of the objectives of sustainable development in order to make trade much more rewarding. We wish that each gift can change lives, and would like to transform the art of giving by integrating personal stories.

The foundations of our business partnership

We propose a trade partnership based on dialogue, transparency and respect to ensure greater equity with marginalized producers and workers.

1-Local production and quality delivery

Our approach involves the development of local producers, suppliers and service providers. Therefore, we commit ourselves to use only producers and service providers from Madagascar, favoring those from the region of Antananarivo.

2-A fair price

The products are, as far as possible, offered at a fair price in order to guarantee the producer or service provider a decent standard of living. This enables us to establish a lasting business relationship with our partners. This price covers production costs as well as a reduced margin to cover the remuneration of our employees and the expenses associated with our activity.

3-Respect for the environment

Environmental protection and the long-term preservation of natural resources and biodiversity are among our priorities. Producers are encouraged to limit the use of chemicals. By using only local partners, we minimize pollutant emissions from the transportation of goods.

4-A careful selection of our partner suppliers

An important component of our work involves extensive research in the selection and approval of our partners. It is crucial for us to ensure that our partners' values are aligned with our own mission. To do so, they must adhere to one of the 3 principles listed above. We also require them to meet high quality standards.

For all orders placed before 12PM(Madagascar), you will be delivered the next day.